Beauty Ink Syd - Endless Sun Spray Tan
Beauty Ink - Make up Artist that comes to you!
Beauty Ink offers to her clients Endless Sun spray on tanning solution is manufactured by the finest ingredients and contains only the highest quality DHA, imported directly from Europe to provide a rich long lasting tan. Containing Aloe antioxidants and a unique blend of botanically extracted ingredients to moisturise hydrate and help nourish the skin.
Endless Sun is solely orientated towards providing spray on tanning solution and gives you a choice of the original 8 hour tan or take advantage of the 2 hour tan. Endless Sun is undoubtedly the most outstanding spray on tanning solution available in the tanning industry. Endless Sun is simply incomparable with other products, as it has considered and overcome the concerns that dissatisfied clientele have encountered with other tanning solutions.
One of the key benefits of Endless Sun spray on tanning solution is the fact that it contains over 10 fruit and plant extracts, including vitamins and anti oxidants to hydrate and moisturise the skin at the same time as providing a natural, healthy long lasting tan.
Endless Sun spray tan
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